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Converts Any Vehicle Engine Into an AC Generating System

Converts Any Vehicle Engine Into an AC Generating System
Power Mite will operate all types of tools and appliances including:

• Saws • Grinders • Marine Air-conditioners • Microwaves • Drills
• Impact wrenches • Sanders • Polishers • Soldering equipment
• Emergency and floodlights • Pumps • Blowers • Compressors
• Smoke ejectors • Life saving equipment • Electric motors
• Radios • Televisions • Refrigerators • Stoves
• Plastic pipe fusion equipment and Much Much More…

POWER MITE …Instant AC Power wherever you go
Power Mite is a reliable, heavy-duty mobile power source that will provide AC electric power when and where you want it. The Power Mite will operate all AC or AC/DC tools, appliances and most 1 H.P. motors











POWER MITE …Harmless to your engine

The Power Mite does not alter or affect your vehicle engine’s own electrical system. It will not discharge your vehicle’s battery so long as the engine’s DC generator is functioning properly. The Power Mite is designed to operate at between 1200 to 1500 engine RPM’s–speeds that keep the engine cool and attain maximum efficiency and economy of operation. An optional voltage regulator (see back cover) provides constant voltage at varying speed. Power Mite on engine

Power Mite kit includes universal mounting brackets for quick installation adaptability to any vehicle, including autos, trucks, boats, scissor lifts, tractors, auto wreckers, recreational vehicle, fire fighting & rescue vehicles, ambulances and more…converts any vehicle engine into an AC generating system! power mite installation hardware

Power Mite has an isolated ground which provides absolutely safe operation to the user. Fire fighters are especially impressed with Power Mite’s® safety feature as they handle power tools in and around water constantly. Power Mite is not affected by grounds or shorts. It will also withstand dead shorts for long periods without harm to the operator or unit. This unique safety feature with a patent held by Fabco Power and unlike any other AC power generating system.

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