Stolen Vehicle Tracking

The faster a stolen vehicle can be located the greater the chances of recovery and the less damage is likely to be caused.  From the moment your vehicle is reported stolen, or an unauthorised removal is detected, a Stolen Vehicle Tracking System will report your vehicles location and movements to the secure control centre.

Immediate and accurate location data means the greatest chance of a speedy recovery and the safe return of your vehicle.

Insurance companies understand the benefits of stolen vehicle tracking, which is why fitting such systems can have such a big impact on your insurance premiums.

Vehicle Tracking Systems We Offer

We are able to supply and fit stolen vehicle tracking systems from a number of the top names in the vehicle security trade, including:

    • Tracker
    • Box Telematics
    • Scorpion Track
    • Cobra Track

      All the above modern Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems work in conjunction with your manufacturers’ immobiliser and an inbuilt movement sensor. If your vehicle is stolen it will report itself stolen possibly even before you know it’s gone. You just have to confirm it’s stolen, report it to the police and get your crime reference number then the police and the tracking company do the rest.